Prepping to Move: Pantry Organization

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I have been saying this little condo is our temporary home for five years now. FIVE.

It is time….to put it on the market. Finally. Guys, we have no room here. It’s time. I need a yard for this beast of a dog I have. I need more storage for the junk we’ve acquired in five years. I just need out. OUTTTTT.

So, January kicks off our “prep for the market” to-do list. We don’t have much to accomplish, but paint needs touch up, floors and carpet need refinishing, and we need to get things organized. I feel like a home looks way more appealing to a buyer when everything is nicely put together and organized, even down to the closets! It helps them visualize themselves living in the space and (I’m hoping?!) may lead to a sale.

One of the small spaces I recently tackled was our pantry. This closet is always a disaster. I am so grateful to have a husband who puts groceries away for me, but anytime he does it he (naturally) just throws things wherever, and then I’m way too lazy to fix it. When I put the groceries away the next week, I put them where I want them to go, but now things are just all over the place and there’s no rhyme or reason as to why it looks like a bomb went off in my pantry. And that is NOT what I want a home buyer seeing when they look at the closet space in my house.

Here is the before picture.

WayFair Pantry Organization

You can tell I *tried* to be organized, but it’s just a giant fail. And clearly I’ve needed to put away that Halloween box for like 3 months now. Anyways.

The after.

WayFair Pantry Organization

I wanted to get rid of all the bags and make the pantry more functional, so I picked up two of the Spectrum Small Scoop Baskets and the Simax 4-piece Cylinder Storage Container Set. I already had some Ball Mason Jars and this Anchor Hocking 4 Piece Canister Set, which I love for storing things like almonds or coconut flakes.

WayFair Pantry Organization

WayFair Pantry Organization WayFair Pantry Organization WayFair Pantry Organization

I chose to move things we don’t really use (canned and jarred items) to the top shelf. I moved Landon’s snacks up there as well because a certain someone has figured out how to open the pantry door! I kept all dry ingredients on the middle shelf, front and center, so I can easily find what I’m searching for. I like using clear jars and canisters for storing ingredients because then I can actually see what I have and what I’m running low on. I placed all baking items and “adult” snacks in baskets on the bottom shelf for easy access as well. I hated seeing the snack bags thrown all over the shelves, and I like how the wire baskets make them easy to see.

It doesn’t seem like much, but I feel like using only a few simple items can make a small space look significantly better with just some minor organization! A little more put together, a little less bomb-y.

I’m going to be tackling some other projects for Operation: Sell This Freakin’ Condo, so stay tuned! And be sure to check out WayFair for all of your closet organization needs!



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