Pottery Barn Inspired Mason Jar Chandelier

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Source: Pottery Barn
I know. Beautiful isn’t it? Can’t you just imagine it hanging in your home? I could too….but NOT for $399. But lucky me has an electrician for a husband!! And here’s how I convinced him he was just the guy for the job..our conversation went somewhat like this:
Me: Honey! I have a new job for you that I know you’ll be REALLY GREAT at.
Him: What’s that?
Me: We are going to make this! (showing him picture) You are the best electrician in the world, I know you can do it! And I will help you!
Him: Oh alright.
Okay, so it didn’t take much convincing. After we got all the materials and sat down to start our project, he actually tried to refuse my help! Then again, what guy doesn’t love DIY projects?
The Pottery Barn version has 16 jars, measuring 35 inches wide by 32 inches high.  Our condo’s small kitchen could not accommodate a chandelier that size (which is where we planned on hanging the fixture). So we scaled it down to half the size of the PB version and planned on using only 8 jars (we can also expand it in the future!)
Here’s a shot of the transformation of a jar to a light!
Lined up and ready to be wired!

We were smooth sailing until discussing how we would actually mount the fixture to the ceiling, and what type of fixture we would use.  We could have used the back of a vanity light, which was our initial plan, but I felt like it could still be done cheaper and look nicer. Which is when yours truly put her carpenter hat on and decided we would build the ceiling mount ourselves from wood. I was the brains behind the building of it, while he helped put it together :) A little Rustoleum Dark Bronze Hammered Spray Paint gave it the rustic metal finish it needed. I also sprayed one coat of the spray paint on the tops of the jars. This allowed some of the original silver to show through, adding to the look.
And when all was said and done, we were left with this…..

I love it!  And it added some extra light to our kitchen!

Our very own PB inspired mason jar chandelier…for less than $100.

What do you think? We are so proud of our work! :)

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  1. says

    I've been wanting to do one of these for a long time…I've collected some old jars with zinc lids just for this! Is there a special bulb socket you need for this? Actually which one did your hubby use? LOL!

  2. says

    Hi Cindy, I tried to reply to your comment, but it says "no-reply" in the e-mail line! Anyways, I think it's called a keyless socket…if you have a Lowe's near you, they are in the lighting section! It's the same socket as a table lamp, they have them in all different sizes. We just happened to use the smaller one because they came in a package of 2 (so they were cheaper) and the lightbulbs would be smaller and and fit nicely in the jar (I didn't want a regular sized lightbulb in there). We threw the packaging out, otherwise I would tell you the exact name! If you have any more questions, feel free to e-mail me! :)

  3. says

    Thanks ladies! Vanessa, you can absolutely do it without an electrician! It's simply drilling some holes and inserting lamp sockets into the jars, and using lamp cord for the wire. However, the wiring part is a little scary to me (I'm always afraid of being shocked or blowing something up, haha) so it was helpful to have a professional around!

  4. marla grace says

    my hubby and i are about to start a kitchen remodel. i've been looking for the right kind of lighting to go over my sink– this might just be it!

  5. says

    Omg! I just wrote a post too about making a mason jar pendant light!


    We will also be doing the chandelier above the table too…

    I have been getting a few emails about the safety of this and the jars possibly exploding if not using a low watt bulb cause there's not venting and some bulbs get really hot…I'm thinking I might need to drill some holes in my lids just to be safe:0

    Great blog!

  6. Anonymous says

    Do the glass jars get really hot after leaving the lights on for a while? What wattage of lights are you using? I am so INTRIGUED! Would you be willing to share a picture of the inside of the wooden box? I'd like to see how it's all wired up.

  7. says

    Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your comments, they mean a lot to me! I didn't expect so many! :) I will add a new post answering some of the questions you asked, ie: bulb wattage, materials, etc. this weekend! Hope that helps everyone, but feel free to contact me with anymore questions!!

  8. rachel says

    i absolutely LOVE this! i've been trying to gather the materials needed to make one for my own kitchen and spent half an hour talking with the electrical guy in home depot today! he thinks that just using the keyless socket and the cord are not enough support to hold the jar. did you reenforce these in anyway? you can email me at rackel01@aol.com also…thanks so much, great work and i love your blog!

  9. says

    This is absolutely the coolest idea ever! Great to hear that you used jars and yes, I must agree that your kitchen looks even great with this decoration. Great job!

  10. J.McConnell says

    Can you please either list or email the list of supplies you used to make the pottery barn mason jar inspired chandelier. THANK YOU!!!!

  11. Kathleen Gardner says

    This is so beautiful, and I was wanting to make it for my mom. Is there anyway you could post instructions for the electrical part of it?

    • says

      Hi Kathleen…I planned on posting instructions, but the problem is that it’s been so long now I don’t remember how we did it! We are re-creating one for a blog reader, so that should prompt my memory :) Stay tuned!

  12. Cassie says

    This is so beautiful! This is just the look we were going for in our kitchen. Any luck with putting together a list of materials? My husband’s very good with things like this, but we want to do it right! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  13. Valerie says

    I LOVE this light, and it is perfect in the size you made it. I thought the PB one was just too big/bulky for our house. I haven’t seen the instructional post, but thought maybe it hadn’t been published just yet. Am I missing it?

    • says

      You aren’t missing it! I am a horrible person and have yet to post a material list with instructions :( The problem is my husband knows the technical terms and we have yet to sit down and go through it together. But, we are recreating it, so I plan on doing it then. :)

  14. Becca Freeland says

    Searched Pinterest for Mason Jar Chandelier and this is where I landed! Great job and thanks for sharing :) my husband is also an electrician and talking him into another project is not easy! I showed him your post hoping he would have a good laugh and spark (lol) a little interest. His first question was how will heat escape from the jar? Did you cut holes in the lid? Thanks again for sharing! -Becca

    • says

      Hi Becca! Yes, we drilled a small hole in the top of each jar so heat could escape. We’ve had no issues with it! :) Thanks for stopping by!

    • says

      Hi Beth!!! Thanks so much! We are really proud of it :) The hubs like to brag to whoever walks in the room about how we built our own light fixture, haha.

  15. ashley says

    This is AMAZING! Love it! It would be perfect over the table of our “farmhouse” very rustic and delightful! If you get around to directions please send them my way I would love a detailed description of how you put this together. Thanks so much!

  16. Shayna says

    I am soooo looking forward to putting this in my kitchen any idea when you might post the materials list, I would love to get this up ASAP. Thank you!

  17. Jenny says

    I too am excited to see a list of materials used and how the wires are attached together and then into the ceiling. Close up pictures of the sockets and wiring would be a tremendous help! Thanks for sharing your project!

  18. Yvette says

    I love this. My daughter and I have been drooling over the PB version but my budget as single mom of three kids will not permit that purchase. I have a handy man who may be able to re-create your version but I would need a detailed instruction and list of items to purchase. Also, how is the wood laying flush against the ceiling? is it hollowed out? How is the wood mounted? So many questions. Very interested, please keep me updated when you finish your second instructional blog chandelier.

    • says

      The wood is hollow! We actually formed a box using 4 pieces of wood so the wire can come together inside the box. The top piece of wood (which you can’t see because it’s inside the box) is screwed into the ceiling, which is how the fixture is lying flush. Hoping to get instructions soon when we recreate it!

  19. Misty says

    We are getting ready to purchase or first home and I would love to recreate this! Any word on detailed instructions? Mainly how the wiring is mounted on the back of the wood. I know you’re probably a really busy lady and I am sorry for bugging you. Even if you can give a starting point I can figure the rest out. Thanks for your time in advance.

    • says

      Hi Misty! I’m sorry, I’ve been so bad with posting instructions :( Basically we drilled holes the appropriate size of the wire in the wood and pulled it through. My husband put plastic stoppers inside of the wood to prevent the wires from falling through. I’m not sure what they were called but I know he got them at Home Depot! Then he just connected the wires together. We actually attached a base piece of wood to the ceiling before screwing in the remaining 3 pieces of wood to form a box (if that makes sense?) One of these days I’ll get around to detailed instructions! You can e-mail me with any further questions!

  20. Natasha says

    The chandelier looks great!! I have been seeing these types of lighting fixtures used a lot in decorating lately, and I’ve been wanting to make one. Has there been an updated post with detailed instructions? Tried searching on your blog, but couldn’t find any :(

    • says

      Hi Natasha! Sorry, I’ve been horrible with posting instructions. I keep meaning to get around to it but I keep forgetting and it’s something I have to coordinate with the hubs. If you have any specific questions, you can e-mail me!

  21. Sean says

    Hello – can you email me some additional instructions? How did you attach light sprocket? How do you attach wires to sprockets and lighting fixture? What did you use for the lighting fixture? Please help.

  22. Kellie says

    Awesome project! I would love to have the PB version, but have difficulty parting with the $400. Such a simple concept, and my Dad is a retired electrician who desperately needs a project to keeps his hands busy. With a home-cooked meal and a bit of sweet talk, I think this might be the ticket. Thanks for sharing

  23. Stephanie says

    Did you ever post a tutorial for this light? We have a long galley style kitchen that has had 2 ugly flouresent lights and I would LOVE to replace them with this lovely light but don’t want to make a mistake when it comes to electrical wiring…

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