Travel Tip! How to properly pack necklaces!

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I am a fan of huge earrings and big necklaces, which means no vacation is without my beloved accessories.  While I have my earrings down to a science (save those little boxes the stores give you and pack them in there!), my necklaces have always been a real pain in the backside to travel with. I’ve opened up my luggage one too many times to find them all in a big tangled ball of mess. And I know they make necklace holders to travel with, but they are always too small. SO…enter a beloved household product you all know and love….

ZIPLOC BAGS. Not just for food! Watch this…and please excuse my corniness, dog, and inability to edit videos which is why you will therefore see me turning the camera on and off. And also my frequent use of the word “um.” :)

Okay, so I just wanted to do ONE vlog to say I’ve done one, but I won’t torture you again! :) Do you have any great packing tips? Or are you like me and have major trouble meeting that 50lb (or 23.0kg) limit?? I will have you know that my suitcase was at EXACTLY 50lbs this trip…I deserve a medal for that or something.

Hope you’re having a great Monday! I clearly need to work on my video editing skills (lack thereof).

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  1. Richard T says

    You can use the same for men’s ties. Roll them up, yes rolling them up prevents creases, first then place one or two side by side in the ziploc bag and then zip it. Generally don’t oversize the ziploc bag and use medium size for ties.

  2. Chelsea says

    This is saving my life packing to move to Florida! I have a jewelry tree and a branch breaks off every time I travel with it. Thank you!

  3. Rachel says

    I’m going to Korea soon and I have to take all of my necklaces. I will try it this way and also the straw trick. Basically you just put the chain through a straw. Of course this won’t work with thick chains though.

  4. Nancy d says

    Just what i needed to know as i pack tonight Last trip they did become a big huge ball. Thanks lauren.

  5. Virginia says

    Thank you so much. I’m getting ready to take a two week European river cruise, and was looking for a way to pack my necklaces. This will be perfect!

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